Aitoldyou Transport
Management System

Aitoldyou TMS with supporting modules brings your information into one place and by using sophisticated analysis to generate valuable insights helps to take your business to a new level! 

Aitoldyou | AI based production engine for logistics and transport companies.
Transport Management System (TMS)

Our TMS covers the scale of everyday operations of a logistics company

Logistics CRM
Price List & Quotation management
Shipment management by shipment legs
Resource management
Electronic Documentation handling
Financial settlements

AI based predictive analytics engine  

Using sales history predicts future sales transactions and gives insight into customer behavior patterns and long-term trends.

Customer portal

A central environment streamlining the process management by bringing operational activities together and allowing customers to request prices, manage quotes, have an overview of all their shipments and invoices in one place

Driver app

Easy to use app for any mobile device with clear driver's task list for shipment handling and for swift flow of information and documents between carrier, customer and driver.

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