AI based prediction engine

AI based production engine for logistics and transport companies. Know when your customer needs you, before she needs you or turns to competition

Aitoldyou | AI based production engine for logistics and transport companies.

Predictive analytics

Aitoldyou is a company, that predicts future sales transactions and gives insight into customer behavior patterns for logistics companies using AI (predictive analytics).

We have also developed a easy to use customer service portal to enable transparency in the sales organization and gather structured information to be the basis for our algorithms.


Aitoldyou knows how to unlock the potential of possible repetitive sales

  • 30% More spot sales
  • 70% Reduced churn
  • 80% Increased repeat sales
  • 100% Transparency in sales

Predictive analytics

Your sales history is an asset – we put it to use! If there are patterns in your customer’s behavior then we can find it. Our AI engine works like a virtual salesman – from sending out complex pre-filled orders for customer confirmation to generating simple call lists – it is all automated.

AItoldyou's Solution

Increase your sales and customer loyalty by using our Quote & Book system to give automated quotes from your website. Alert your sales representatives by using our monitoring system that also analyses your client booking patterns.

Technology behind AItoldyou

No more phone orders, lost e-mails, notepads and mistakes.

AIToldYou brings your information into one place, extracts relevant data and uses sophisticated analysis models to generate valuable insights that help to take your business to a new level.

Aitoldyou has a 3-step process

  • 1 Quote and Book
  • 2 Autopricing
  • 3 Prediction engine

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